…about me.

I’m at the age where I don’t want to be estimated older, but I like when people think I’m younger.
Don’t think I’m your regular girl, but maybe society will place me in that box.
I’m both a tomboy (I don’t wear masculine clothes) and a girly girl. How can I be both? Because I choose to be and don’t think there should be rules about what girls can or cannot do.
Other than that, I’m an down to earth, fun, creative and kind hearted person. My mum says I have the longest fuse in the family.

To put it in the storytelling way:
I’m from Viking land (Copenhagen, Denmark), where I live with my Viking dog and Persian prince.
Over the years I’ve got more and more into staying fit, being healthy and interested in the good of healthy foods.
Feel blessed for what I have got and whom I have in my life. I have fantastic friends and family.

Much love to everybody.