10 ideas for a date

It can be difficult to be creative, when you go on a date. Cause what would the person you are meeting on a date like. If you have any doubts, you can always come up with a couple of suggestions and let ... read more


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There are so many different diets and detoxes, promises that you will lose weight and so on. Think it’s a load of crap and it’s too bad that people believe in them. As I wrote before in a post, it’s a ... read more

Blackberry ”sauce”

A great topping for your yogurt or to add in your smoothie. I actually made this by accident, was trying to make marmalade. But glad I made this yummy mistake. I simmered (under low heat) 200 g blackberry ... read more

Dating Life

Bad Date
Dating… sometimes it can be great fun and other times it sucks. It can be because of a great date or because you like the person and the other person didn’t like you back. Before I met my BF, I had been ... read more
  “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” 
― Robert A. Heinlein  


Just went to London and I love that city. It’s so easy to get around and find your way. And another thing, there is so much to see. I have been there so many times and I’m not so good to go and visit new ... read more

Fabolous Lush

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Fabolous Lush Lush is an English handmade cosmetics brand and I must admit, that I do have a crush on their stuff. I have been a faithful customer, since a friend introduced me to the brand in Canada back ... read more

City Girl

City Girl Well I am a city girl; love the vibrant city life and the atmosphere. BUT I do love to go to the countryside to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Normally I go to Vesterhavet in Jutland. This Easter ... read more

Healthy candy

Healthy candy I do love sweets; candy and unhealthy stuff filled with added colours, sugar – in other words junk. I tried something new making my own natural candy to avoid all the added stuff. For this I ... read more