My boyfriend and I went to a Thai restaurant, one we have been to before. I ordered a soup and my bf a curry dish. It tasted great, but at one point I took this tiny thing out of my soup. Couldn’t see what ... read more

Ceridal facial cream

There are so many different facial creams and I have tried so many over the years. One thing I know about my “normal dry skin” is, that I need moister. Some creams don’t have enough of moisturizing effect, ... read more


I choose to change the word paintball to pain ball. I think it’s great fun to play, but oh my god it hurts to get shot. The people who say it doesn’t, they are lying. But when that’s said, I’ll ... read more

I’m in love with a girl …

I’m in love with a girl … Ha, I made you look:) but not in that way. I just have a great hairdresser. Her name is Camilla Flindt and she is doing magic. It’s so important that a hairdresser listens, and if ... read more

Good karma

Good karma After a wild and fun night out in the town with the girls, you know one of those nights after the club closes and where you find a bar or bodega that’s open until early morning?! I just went to ... read more

I LOVE The Yogurt Shop

We want to be healthy and are trying to do our best to eat sensibly. Sometimes we are lost for ideas and just need to treat ourselves to something good yet STILL HEALTHY. Problem solved, go to The Yogurt ... read more

bY søndergaard

New up and coming designers are always fun to find. Expecially when they are still “underground” and not known by everybody. With that said, I do want to share this designer with you. “bY ... read more