Disappointment at AE

Disappointing Thai beef salad Thai beef salad is easy to make, or it is for me. So for a chef, it should be a “walk in the park”. Was at Cafe AE in Nørrebro with a friend and wanted something ... read more

Goodbye to the bush

Næse hår
Goodbye to the bush I think too many girls forget to trim one important thing, their nose hair. We are so good to trim everything else, but remember girls – the bush in the nose, got to go. Then there ... read more

Marc By Marc Jacobs

MJ foto
Marc By Marc Jacobs I love Marc Jacobs! Cannot enter their store, without being prepared to buy something. So I’m trying not to go there too often. The things I like the best, are their purses, wallets, ... read more


Rude A place I love to go shop, go to cafes and look after different things, is Istedgade in Copenhagen. I’m guessing that people from Fyn and Jylland haven’t heard the best of things about that ... read more

Tanning cream

Tanning cream I have tried so many different tanning creams, that you wouldn’t believe it. When you are as light-skinned as I am, you’ll do a lot to get a bit of a tan. When I was younger I used sun ... read more

Tante T

Tante T I have to admit, I have a partiality for Vesterbro, don’t live there, but it still gets all my love. When I go out to a café and want to do something different, I’ll go to Tante-T. Truly a little ... read more

Shoes / Sko

I came, I saw, I bought! I’m so in love with my new fancy flip-flops. It’s not even spring yet, but when I saw them I thought it was a must have. They also had them in black with a white bow on, but they ... read more