Easier for me and you

From today all future posts will be in English, no more Danish translations. Almost all Danes can read or speak English, so there will be no problem. I’m lucky that I have the opportunity to practice ... read more

My alter ego

If I had a alter ego it would be Martine Viking Warrior. Made by my talented friend Marcus S. For more information click here: https://www.facebook.com/KanomisArt/?fref=ts read more

Dating and presents

Billede til massage
You are dating this new guy and it’s his birthday or Christmas, do you give him a present? You don’t want to seem like a cheap ass or neither a girl with stalker tendency. Solution: give him an ... read more

10 ideas for a date

It can be difficult to be creative, when you go on a date. Cause what would the person you are meeting on a date like. If you have any doubts, you can always come up with a couple of suggestions and let ... read more

Dating Life

Bad Date
Dating… sometimes it can be great fun and other times it sucks. It can be because of a great date or because you like the person and the other person didn’t like you back. Before I met my BF, I had been ... read more


Bad kids
Brats Must admit, when I was a child, the street kids and I were brats BIG time. We were a group of girls and boys that had so much fun together. All this was before kids were sitting in front of their ... read more

Before and after

Before and after One thing is for sure, there is a difference between if you’re going out clubbing single or if you’re in a relationship. I was out with a girlfriend and it has become so ... read more