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There are so many different diets and detoxes, promises that you will lose weight and so on. Think it’s a load of crap and it’s too bad that people believe in them. As I wrote before in a post, it’s a ... read more

Blackberry ”sauce”

A great topping for your yogurt or to add in your smoothie. I actually made this by accident, was trying to make marmalade. But glad I made this yummy mistake. I simmered (under low heat) 200 g blackberry ... read more

Healthy candy

Healthy candy I do love sweets; candy and unhealthy stuff filled with added colours, sugar – in other words junk. I tried something new making my own natural candy to avoid all the added stuff. For this I ... read more

Healthy delicious food

  Stuffed peppers   Fry the vegetables of your choice, with your favourite spices. This time I was in the mood for carrots and mushrooms with curry, garlic and chilli spices. Steg de grøntsager ... read more