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Here the truth is told, my opinion is voiced and it is all spiced up with stories from my own life

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Sex(y) on a stick

Sex(y) on a stick Agent Provocateur’s lingerie or as us mortals say underwear, is amazingly sexy. Bought my first bra last week and I do feel like the above. The only down fall is, that it is super ... read more

Lucky I’m not uptight

Lucky I’m not uptight What should we do? That’s the eternal question, when going on a first or second date. Sometimes you don’t want to do the traditional, but instead be innovative and do ... read more


Bad kids
Brats Must admit, when I was a child, the street kids and I were brats BIG time. We were a group of girls and boys that had so much fun together. All this was before kids were sitting in front of their ... read more

Healthy delicious food

  Stuffed peppers   Fry the vegetables of your choice, with your favourite spices. This time I was in the mood for carrots and mushrooms with curry, garlic and chilli spices. Steg de grøntsager ... read more

Do you dare try?

Do you dare try? Semen can reduce your wrinkles. When I read this, I was like ?????? and yuck. But on they other hand, it could be nice to reduce your wrinkles without botox, fillers or surgery, so I kept ... read more

Lê Lê Street Kitchen

Le Le
Lê Lê Street Kitchen Delicious food for a very fair price, try Lê Lê Street Kitchen (don’t mistake it for Lê Lê restaurant). My favourite Street Kitchen is located near City Hall Copenhagen. They serve ... read more

Before and after

Before and after One thing is for sure, there is a difference between if you’re going out clubbing single or if you’re in a relationship. I was out with a girlfriend and it has become so ... read more