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Here the truth is told, my opinion is voiced and it is all spiced up with stories from my own life

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A fraction of my Ibiza

This year I went on holiday to fabulous Ibiza in Spain. Great island with a warm climate, fantastic music and very nice beaches. Most people think Ibiza is just a party place, they are so wrong; it’s so ... read more

Too good, to be true.

foto copy
Thicker lashes with ”Lash P7” or more lashes, either way, it didn’t work. The ad said that I would see the effect after one month and of course after continuing to use it. There should be enough for half a ... read more


The summer is upon us and it’s about time to protect your skin. Though you’re not lying and frying in the sun, it’s still a good idea to put some sun cream on. I bought myself a sun cream factor 15, ... read more

Moss Copenhagen

Moss Cph
Sooo I got a new favourite store, it’s Moss Copenhagen. Loooove it!! If you haven’t been there, go! The clothes are very affordable and when you leave the store you feel like you just left a very ... read more


For many years now I have suffered from headaches and eaten way too many painkillers. For sure it’s work related, guess I’m not sitting in the “correct” position in front of my computer etc. I ... read more

Goodbye moustache!

Goodbye moustache! It’s no secret, I remove the hair on my upper lip! I’m lucky that I have light hair, but personally I don’t want to see it. Most of my girlfriends find me a little crazy, but I ... read more

Sugar waxing gone wrong

Sugar waxing gone wrong Devilry and stupidity, I guess that’s what happened. I had to remove some hair in my face with sugar wax, heated the wax in the microwave for “the twentieth time”. ... read more

Spring cleaning

Spring FIX
Spring cleaning   Now it’s spring and it’s time for spring cleaning! Here is your checklist: Give yourself body scrubs a couple of times a week; it will make you extra soft and delicious Keep legs ... read more