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There are so many different diets and detoxes, promises that you will lose weight and so on. Think it’s a load of crap and it’s too bad that people believe in them. As I wrote before in a post, it’s a ... read more

Healthy delicious food

  Stuffed peppers   Fry the vegetables of your choice, with your favourite spices. This time I was in the mood for carrots and mushrooms with curry, garlic and chilli spices. Steg de grøntsager ... read more

Lê Lê Street Kitchen

Le Le
Lê Lê Street Kitchen Delicious food for a very fair price, try Lê Lê Street Kitchen (don’t mistake it for Lê Lê restaurant). My favourite Street Kitchen is located near City Hall Copenhagen. They serve ... read more


My boyfriend and I went to a Thai restaurant, one we have been to before. I ordered a soup and my bf a curry dish. It tasted great, but at one point I took this tiny thing out of my soup. Couldn’t see what ... read more

Disappointment at AE

Disappointing Thai beef salad Thai beef salad is easy to make, or it is for me. So for a chef, it should be a “walk in the park”. Was at Cafe AE in Nørrebro with a friend and wanted something ... read more

Tante T

Tante T I have to admit, I have a partiality for Vesterbro, don’t live there, but it still gets all my love. When I go out to a café and want to do something different, I’ll go to Tante-T. Truly a little ... read more