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Bad kids
Brats Must admit, when I was a child, the street kids and I were brats BIG time. We were a group of girls and boys that had so much fun together. All this was before kids were sitting in front of their ... read more

Before and after

Before and after One thing is for sure, there is a difference between if you’re going out clubbing single or if you’re in a relationship. I was out with a girlfriend and it has become so ... read more


I choose to change the word paintball to pain ball. I think it’s great fun to play, but oh my god it hurts to get shot. The people who say it doesn’t, they are lying. But when that’s said, I’ll ... read more

A fraction of my Ibiza

This year I went on holiday to fabulous Ibiza in Spain. Great island with a warm climate, fantastic music and very nice beaches. Most people think Ibiza is just a party place, they are so wrong; it’s so ... read more