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Cellulite affects women of all shapes and sizes, so if you thought otherwise, now you know nobody is safe. Some women think that cellulite is genetic, it isn’t. So if that belief was holding you back ... read more

Fabolous Lush

Lush 1
Fabolous Lush Lush is an English handmade cosmetics brand and I must admit, that I do have a crush on their stuff. I have been a faithful customer, since a friend introduced me to the brand in Canada back ... read more

I’m in love with a girl …

I’m in love with a girl … Ha, I made you look:) but not in that way. I just have a great hairdresser. Her name is Camilla Flindt and she is doing magic. It’s so important that a hairdresser listens, and if ... read more

Goodbye moustache!

Goodbye moustache! It’s no secret, I remove the hair on my upper lip! I’m lucky that I have light hair, but personally I don’t want to see it. Most of my girlfriends find me a little crazy, but I ... read more

Sugar waxing gone wrong

Sugar waxing gone wrong Devilry and stupidity, I guess that’s what happened. I had to remove some hair in my face with sugar wax, heated the wax in the microwave for “the twentieth time”. ... read more