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Cellulite affects women of all shapes and sizes, so if you thought otherwise, now you know nobody is safe. Some women think that cellulite is genetic, it isn’t. So if that belief was holding you back ... read more


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There are so many different diets and detoxes, promises that you will lose weight and so on. Think it’s a load of crap and it’s too bad that people believe in them. As I wrote before in a post, it’s a ... read more

Blackberry ”sauce”

A great topping for your yogurt or to add in your smoothie. I actually made this by accident, was trying to make marmalade. But glad I made this yummy mistake. I simmered (under low heat) 200 g blackberry ... read more

Healthy candy

Healthy candy I do love sweets; candy and unhealthy stuff filled with added colours, sugar – in other words junk. I tried something new making my own natural candy to avoid all the added stuff. For this I ... read more

I LOVE The Yogurt Shop

We want to be healthy and are trying to do our best to eat sensibly. Sometimes we are lost for ideas and just need to treat ourselves to something good yet STILL HEALTHY. Problem solved, go to The Yogurt ... read more